Trivia Run is a fun trivia app where you must race against the clock and answer as many questions as fast as possible! I worked on the UI for this quizzically wonderful game!

The Legends of Equestria character creator was one of the later pieces I developed for the game. Previously, the character creator had not been updated since the game was in pre-alpha.

Pocket Pets is a children's game where you can take care of a cute little Husky pup! This game was pitched and created within two months by my colleague, Ashley Bevens, and me. I was in charge of UI design, prop modeling and texturing, C# programming, and implementation of all assets into Unity. Modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating is credit to Ashley Bevens.

Meteroar is a fun little mobile and web game in which I worked with a programmer to bring Pangaea and a little Liliensternus dinosaur to back to life!

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