Penny the Pony Dress Up Game!


Penny the Pony was one of the funnest things I've ever done. This was a final for my Flash class. I did a dress up game! Play it here! (You need Flash to play.)

Find out more after the break!

Penny the Pony Dress Up was created in Flash CS6 using Actionscript 3.0. It was really fun! Even though working with Actionscript was annoying at times...

This was my original sketch layout done in Paint Tool SAI:

Then I took all the files into Illustrator CS6 to vectorize! Here's my beautiful workspace with all the layers turned on:

After getting all the assets into Flash, it was just a manner of learning how to get all the buttons to work, how to get things to switch, animate, etc. Lots of fun! I love Penny the Pony.

An early version test of the game:

In-game screenshots:

Hope you enjoy! Play it here!
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